Depressed vs Depression

I don’t have a degree in mental health (for some real medical know-how visit Aware) but I do have the ever-valuable qualification of experience. Personally, I have found a stigma surrounding mental health in Ireland whereby people find it acceptable to talk about mental health as if it should be taken less seriously than physical health. Society still seems to associate it with being a crazy, lazy or just plain weird. They refuses to acknowledge it as both completely normal and common to suffer from a mental health issue and they lack an understanding between depression and depressed.


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The Mid-Twenty Misstep

I am twenty five years of age. I am living at home. I am unemployed.

This is not how I envisioned my life when I was younger; my twenties were going to be a time where I travelled the world inter-railing around Europe with friends, drinking cocktails in New York with colleagues and back-packing across Asia alone. I was going to move into an amazing apartment in some far off city with roommates that were my best friends, roommates that would never leave dishes in the sink and would always be on time with rent. I would settle into whatever fascinating career was waiting for me and spend my weekends dressing up for fabulous dates until I would eventually meet that special someone to settle down with. Oh, if only life were a movie.


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Teenagers didn’t exist until the 1950’s. I’m sure those rebellious years of mood swings and bad skin have been around since the dawn of time but they never got much attention until the 1950’s. Those post-war American baby boomers had the privilege of both time and money and they exploited it in every way possible. Armed with after-school jobs, they had money to burn and time on their hands. In fact, those youths had enough economic power to drive sales in any direction they pleased. The world was at the fingertips of the young and so things like Woodstock, Beatlemania, fast cars, big advertising, civil rights, sexual liberation, political assassinations and a trip to the moon were all dragged into the world.


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The Academy Awards have always brought a sense of royalty to Hollywood. It is a ceremony that bestows the highest and most esteemed recognition to those who have followed a certain work ethic. It acknowledges those who fall deep into their imaginations to create stories, step into characters and concoct worlds for audience’s to fall into. Rom-coms, action-packed blockbusters and tacky horrors are pushed aside as only the worthy are dared to be nominated. Victims of disease, abuse and injustice are brought to light through momentous adaptations, beautiful worlds are created throughout scriptwriting and beloved celebrities warp and contort themselves into characters we can cry for. It’s emotional brutality and we love it.

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London Town

“Tired of London, Tired of Life” – Well, fuck.

I know I should learn to love this city; it’s quirky sky scrapers, Brooklynesque bar scene and breathtaking views. I’ve always liked the idea of the place, the people and the stereotypical cockney characters. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I’m going to find my idyllic little London town buried beneath its tourist trappings, overpriced coffee chains,  deathly quiet streets, overcrowded undergrounds and bland hubs that seem to lack any sentimentality. I want to find it, quite frankly I need to find it but I have yet to glimpse any hint of life in this seemingly dreary city.


I’ve wandered the rooms of the Tate, clinked champagne glasses at Sushi Samba and strolled through sunny St. James’ Park. I’ve been floored by the Great Gatsby stylings of Claridge’s tearooms and suffered momentous hangovers from the many, many drinks downed in Dirty Dicks. I have Bunga Bunga on my brunch to-do list and I’ve developed an on-going relationship with burgers from Meat Liquor. I avoid the likes of Oxford Street and instead opt for the beautiful and spacious Westfield. I cherish my buy-one-get-one-free cinema tickets on Wednesdays and I have come to care for my Oyster card like an old friend. I would happily visit London anytime.

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Film of 2014

Little White Lies recently shared David Ehrlich’s annual movie montage portraying his top 25 films of the year. For his 2014 supercut, Ehrlich has picked his favorites from a wide selection including foreign action flicks, indie dramas and Hollywood blockbusters. The result is pretty fantastic.

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An Ode to Netflix

Technology may have shown the true face of humanity in recent years. In the past it was about moving faster, going further, and reaching new heights. We wanted to put a man on the moon, faster transportation so we could travel the world, we wanted the ability to reach out for knowledge of any given subject and find it at the tip of our fingers. Now, as 2014 comes to a close, those finger tips are covered in crumbs, as we reach into the bag of whatever fast food we ordered online and had delivered to our doors. We sigh as we have to crawl across our beds to plug in the charger because our laptop batteries are dying due to hours upon hours of binge use.


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New York, New York

I am in love with New York: it’s pretty much the best of the best. If someone from another planet were to visit Earth and wanted to know the epitome of human culture with all it’s quirks, downfalls, triumphs and spirit, I would send them to the city that never sleeps. Chinatown, Little Italy, Midtown, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Soho, Noho, Korea Town…need I go on? For such a teeny tiny island, it manages to contain an entire world. Want some karaoke? You got it. A little Drag Queen brunch? No problem. Craving some caviar and vodka? Try the Russian Tea Room. New York’s got it all and it’s yours for the taking.


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